Why an Architecture Designer should Learn 3ds Max?

Why an Architecture Designer should Learn 3ds Max?

When computers were first brought into existence, the main purpose for which they were used was limited only to basic computing work and nobody then knew that computers, at some point, will become an essential part of our life. Now, every sphere of our life is dominated by these digital applications. Take any industry across the world, from IT to Education to Architecture & we can easily observe how digital revolution has brought change in them.

The involvement of computers has increased in every discourse & the latest addition to this is architectural industry. For ages we have seen architects communicating through their paper designs.

However, with the growth, we are observing more implementation of computers in the architectural industry. Today, architects are constantly looking upon computer software as an alternative of their paper drawing. From drafting to presentation, they have started using various software that are designed specially for  their various architectural purpose.

Computer- aided design technology has offered architectural students the tools with which they can bring their imagination into reality. CAD application comes with advanced tools them allow them to create powerful structures for tomorrow. These software are designed to compliment the skills of architect.

One such software is 3ds Max. Backed by Autodesk, the software is designed for those who loves to create things. You can design & visualize your designs even before they are built. It is a rendering software that enables you to give life to your imagination with realistic textures and elements like people, trees, clouds & many more. If you wanna know this our institute offers the complete 3ds max course

There are several features that make 3ds Max different from other software and lets have a look over them

  • Work seamlessly with other Autodesk application

    It is commendable to see how effortlessly it works with other Autodesk application. You can smoothly import your highly detailed designs created in Revit & AutoCad into Max & can convert them into hyper realistic model.

  • Give a realistic approach to your designs

    3ds max produce not only clean but precise render with highly realistic texture, shading & lighting techniques. It gives you the freedom to apply elements that can give breathe to inanimate objects.

  • Gives you a clear picture

    The realistic approach in your architectural designs helps you in visualizing them better. You can have a clear picture of what your design will exactly look alike. Even while presenting your architectural design to some client, it will be easier for you to explain what in reality your design is all about.

  • See without even rendering!

    This feature is a brownie for all the designers. The software comes with the option that allow you to see your current scene without even rendering and that too with all the elements like lighting, texture, shading and others.

The interface of the software is extremely friendly that makes the software easy to learn. Besides architectural purpose, 3ds Max is used  for various other purposes like modelling and animation.

3ds Max is one stop destination for game developers. It let them create their massive & splendid scenes of their gaming world. Various character & merchandise designer use this software to create high quality real life characters and products.

With specialization in this industry leading software, there will be nothing that will stop you from building splendid architectural design & a respected career in architectural designing. It is important to learn this software from the best 3ds max training institute

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